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"What is the story behind Nirvana's iconic 'Bleach' album cover art and its colorized version?"

The original black and white cover art was designed by Dale Ryan, featuring a bold font with stylized guitars making up the letters "N" and "V".

The album's packaging and artwork have remained largely unchanged over the years.

A colorized version of the album's cover art does not appear to be officially recognized or endorsed by the band or their record label.

Fan-made colorized versions of the album's cover art have emerged online, featuring red or other colors.

However, these are not officially sanctioned and may not be considered authentic representations of the album's original artwork.

The original cover art for Nirvana's album 'Bleach' was based on an accident, according to Quoting from the indispensable volume edited by McMurray, "Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses".

The layout for the 'Bleach' cover was created by graphic designer and musician Lisa Orth at the offices of The Rocket.

The cover conformed to Sub Pop's design aesthetic at the time.

Someone should send this to Dave Grohl, as they would likely love it, according to a humorous comment.

In the Colorization community on Reddit, numerous members share their own colorized versions of the 'Bleach' album cover art.

In Jainism, Nirvana is also the soteriological goal, representing the release of a soul from karmic bondage and samsara.

In Buddhism, Nirvana refers to the abandonment of the 10 fetters, marking the end of rebirth by stilling the fires that keep the process of rebirth going.

Release "Bleach" by Nirvana can be found on MusicBrainz, with multiple cover art options available.

Nirvana's lineup in 1989 consisted of guitarist Kurt Cobain, bassist Chris Novoselic, and main drummer Chad Channing, with some songs featuring Dale Crover of Melvins fame.

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Colorize and Breathe Life into Old Black-and-White Photos (Get started for free)