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Why does my printer frequently malfunction by printing white ink on black text, causing frustrating and incorrect output?

Printer settings: A common cause of white ink on black text is incorrect printer settings.

Ensure that you've selected the correct print mode, such as grayscale, and that the right ink cartridges are installed and not empty.

Printer drivers: Outdated or faulty printer drivers can lead to this issue.

Update your drivers or install the latest version.

Computer software: Corrupted files or outdated drivers on your computer can cause the problem.

Try opening the document in a different software program or creating a new, simple file.

Operating system: Updating your operating system or drivers can often resolve the issue.

Paper size: If you're printing on a different size of paper, select the correct paper size to avoid white ink on black text.

Black and white printing: To print in black and white only, select the grayscale option.

Print defaults: Go to the printer's Advanced tab, click Printing Defaults, and then click on Advanced.

Select the Other Print Options and ensure that Print Text in Black is selected.

IP address: If the printer driver is not listed, go to the printer's Support Downloads webpage to download and install the latest full software package.

Find the IP address of the printer by tapping on the icon on the printer screen.

Removing the driver: Delete the existing printer entry, click Add a printer at the top, and select The printer I want isn't listed.

Printer refusing to print: Ensure that the grayscale printing option is turned on.

If the image prints black and white instead of color, turn off Grayscale Printing.

Color cartridges: Monochrome printing can require color cartridges.

To print only in black and white without buying a monochrome printer or color ink cartridges, check the print settings and ensure that grayscale printing is selected.

HP Deskjet Printers: To print color images in black and white, select Color Images Print in Black and White in the software application that you are using to print.

Colorize and Breathe Life into Old Black-and-White Photos (Get started for free)