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What was the fashion like in Paramus, New Jersey in the 1960s?

Women were required to remove their high heels before riding the escalators at Gimbel's department store to prevent damage to the moving stairs.

The newly opened Garden State Plaza mall in 1962 featured a modern, open-air design that was a departure from traditional enclosed shopping centers of the era.

Paramus in the 1960s was known for its thriving retail scene, with stores like Lord & Taylor, B.

Altman, and Brooks Brothers opening locations in the growing suburban town.

Vintage photos show fashionable women in Paramus donning stylish dresses, gloves, and hats when visiting the local shops and department stores.

The Paramus High School class of 1960 had a relatively small graduating class of 197 students, capturing a snapshot of the town's population growth in the post-war period.

The Fritz Behnke Historical Museum in Paramus houses a collection that documents the town's evolution from a rural community to a commercial hub over the course of the 20th century.

Model and actress Eve Eden was photographed during a session in Paramus in 1960, highlighting the town's role as a backdrop for fashion and entertainment.

Paramus Park mall, which opened in 1974, represented the next generation of enclosed shopping centers that would eventually dominate the retail landscape in the town.

Vintage buttons from the era commemorate events like Yankees star Mickey Mantle's appearance at the Paramus Park mall in 1982.

The local library's history collection includes books that chronicle Paramus' transformation from a rural area to a thriving suburb during the mid-20th century.

The open-air design of the original Garden State Plaza mall allowed for natural ventilation, a departure from the air-conditioned, enclosed malls that would become the norm in later decades.

The transition from wooden escalators to modern, automated moving stairs at Paramus department stores in the 1960s represented technological advancements that shaped the shopping experience.

Colorize and Breathe Life into Old Black-and-White Photos (Get started for free)