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Add Some Holiday Sparkle to Those Tresses - Colorize Your Crazy Christmas 'Dos!

Add Some Holiday Sparkle to Those Tresses - Colorize Your Crazy Christmas 'Dos! - Back in Time with Vintage Tinsel Locks

The holidays have always been a time to break out your most ostentatious hair and beauty looks. We all remember those cringe-worthy family photos featuring crimped bangs, bedazzled ponytails, and tacky tinsel adornments. While some of those vintage holiday hair trends were utterly horrendous, tinsel locks have emerged as a playful and nostalgic way to add retro flair to your festive styling.

Unlike the itchy and pesky metallic garlands of Christmases past, today's tinsel hair accessories are designed to add a touch of shimmer without shedding all over your sweaters. Modern plastic and foam tinsel strands come in vibrant hues like candy apple red, forest green, icy blue, and brassy gold. Their lightweight construction means you can pile on the sparkle without overloading your locks. Pop a few strands at your crown to emulate a tree topper, wrap longer pieces into an elegant updo, or go all out with cascading colorful strands that evoke psychedelic '70s disco diva vibes.

The return of tinsel tresses offers a chance to play with texture and have fun with your styling. Blogger Thalia Ho of Nostalgic Trends wrapped sections of her thick curly hair around large barreled curlers, leaving the ends out to spiral into big, bouncy curls. She then threaded red and green tinsel pieces throughout the curls for a modern take on retro holiday hair. Beauty vlogger Monica Style Muse created a faux bob by pinning her long locks into a low bun, then carefully arranged silver tinsel strands to resemble an elegant finger wave style. The contrast of the sleek metallic against her natural hair brought Old Hollywood class to her festive updo.

Add Some Holiday Sparkle to Those Tresses - Colorize Your Crazy Christmas 'Dos! - Pop Some Holly Berries in that Beehive

The voluminous beehive is one of the most iconic hairstyles of the 1960s, with its gravity-defying height and perfect barrel curls. While the beehive generally evokes images of blonde bombshells like Amy Winehouse and The Ronettes, it can easily be transformed into a playful Christmas 'do with the addition of some holly berry hair accessories. Unlike messy tinsel strands, these bright baubles will add festive pops of color while keeping your beehive neatly styled.

The structured dome shape of the beehive style lends itself perfectly to decoration. Placing accents strategically throughout the height of your hive creates visual interest. Start by teasing the crown and sides for max lift, creating a dramatic rounded silhouette. Once your beehive has been properly constructed and shellacked into place, thread in strands of red and green beads to resemble holly berries. Concentrate adornments near the top of the style, clustering berry beads above or behind the peaks of your hive. This keeps the attention up top where the volume is most exaggerated.

Space out a few sprigs of berries around the sides and back for a touch of shimmer from every angle. If your hair is too short or fine for a true vintage beehive, cheat the look by pinning and stuffing a small section at the crown while leaving the lengths smooth. Place berry beads atop this faux hive for a focal point. The contrast between the bold baubles and your loose hair makes for an eye-catching hybrid style.

While modern synthetic berry beads are lightweight and grip the hair easily, you can also decorate with ornament hair pins. Look for clips with wired berry clusters that allow you to securely position them within your updo. Use these to highlight other areas like the nape of the neck or sides.

Lifestyle blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson of @hausofcolor went for a more subtle take, tucking a feathered red berry ornament into the side of her textured beehive updo. The striking crimson matched her holiday party dress and added the perfect festive finishing touch without overpowering her look.

Add Some Holiday Sparkle to Those Tresses - Colorize Your Crazy Christmas 'Dos! - Get Frosty with Icicle Bangs

Nothing ushers in the icy chill of winter quite like frosty icicle bangs dangling down your forehead. This eye-catching look transforms traditional blunt bangs into glittering, icicle-shaped strands that evoke snowflakes and frozen fractals. While icicle bangs require some serious styling skills, the dazzling results are well worth the effort for holiday party photos.

To craft perfect icy fringe, begin by sectioning off your bangs and misting them thoroughly with water. Next, break out your favorite styling gel, applying it liberally and using a fine-toothed comb to smooth it through from roots to ends. The gel provides grip and separation, allowing each strand to freeze into its own icicle shape.

Once your bangs are slick with product, it's time to get twisting. Take a 1-2 inch section and squeeze it between your thumb and forefinger, rolling and twisting it tightly into a point. Repeat this process, twisting each segment away from your face so the icicle shapes cascade diagonally over your brow. For added wintry style, sprinkle the bangs lightly with cosmetic glitter for a frosty sparkling effect.

The finished icicle fringe should resemble dripping stalactites, framing your eyes and face with rows of edgy ice spikes. While the look works with any bang length, shoulder-grazing icicle bangs have the most dramatic impact. The longer your icy spikes, the more they shimmer and sway.

Beauty vlogger Huda El Zowi makes this holiday hair trend look easy in her YouTube tutorial. With blunt straight across bangs hitting at cheek level, she parts a section down the middle and coats it thoroughly with gel. After blowdrying smooth, she simply twists small segments and pins the points against her forehead to set. In minutes, she's got perfect icicle fringe sticking straight out to accent her makeup.

On TikTok, user @princessmeisballs goes for extra long waist-length icicle strands using clip-in hair extensions. The oversized frosty spikes create a look that's equal parts couture fashion model and frozen princess. She accentuates the icy vibe with matching blue eye makeup and a furry white coat.

While edgy icicle bangs pair perfectly with shimmery holiday party dresses, they can also create a fun casual look. Blogger Danielle Mansutti of @eastcoaststyle_ rocks chunky icicle fringe with an oversized gray hoodie for the ultimate laidback winter vibe.

Add Some Holiday Sparkle to Those Tresses - Colorize Your Crazy Christmas 'Dos! - Turn Up the Volume on Crimped Candy Cane Coifs

Crimped hairstyles are having a major comeback, but this holiday season it's time to give the retro waved locks a festive candy cane twist. Adding white and red stripes to crimped hair transforms the texture into literal candy canes topping your head. It's a playful way to indulge your sweet tooth without the sugar overload.

The stripped candy cane look works with all types of crimping, from tight S-shaped waves to teased zig-zag kinks. Start by sectioning damp hair and crimping small pieces using either a crimping iron or deep waver. For salon-worthy definition, mist strands with hairspray before running the crimping tool over each segment. Once your whole head is crimped, it"™s time to add stripes.

Using washable colored hairsprays, alternately mist red and white stripes onto the crimped sections. Focus color on the ridges and valleys of the crimps rather than spraying roots and lengths evenly. This defines each crimp while leaving negative space to separate the stripes. For extra precision, use the point of a tail comb to add or remove color exactly where you want it.

Concentrate stripes on the top and crown area most visible when styled. Crimped lengths can remain one solid tone since the pattern reads clearly. For perfectly even stripes, beauty vlogger Gabriela Rodriguez creates a checkerboard grid by sectioning her crimped hair into small square segments before spraying.

The bold stripes layered over crimped texture create fun 3D waves that pop right off the head. While a classic red and white combo evokes quintessential candy canes, don"™t be afraid to get creative with unexpected color pairings. Pastel purple and mint green offer a more playful pastel look. For nighttime holiday parties, go for striking black and silver stripes over gunmetal gray crimped locks.

Thecrimped candy cane look pairs perfectly with festive winter apparel. It"™s the ideal styling for ugly holiday sweaters, Santa suits, and candy-inspired party dresses. Lifestyle blogger Veronika Ladina piles her red and white striped crimped waves into a voluminous half updo, accentuating the texture beautifully with her Mrs. Claus-inspired red dress and fur trimmed caplet.

Men can join in on the crimped candy stripe fun too. Male beauty influencer Chase Ross rocks chunky red and green stripes over his short crimped 'do for maximum holiday spirit. The look works for all hair lengths and types, making it one of the most inclusive festival hair trends.

Don't be afraid to make things over the top for those holiday party photo ops. The more stripes and volume, the better the crimped candy cane effect. Add extra height with some backcombing at the roots before crimping and striping for sky-high candy waves. Top it off by weaving actual miniature candy canes into thecrimped sections for a tasty hair accessory.

Add Some Holiday Sparkle to Those Tresses - Colorize Your Crazy Christmas 'Dos! - Give Grandma's Gray locks Some Gingerbread Glam

While youthful hair colors like vivid rainbow hues and neon accents may be trending this season, grandmas need not be left out of the festive fun. Silver locks deserve some holiday sparkle too with gingerbread-inspired tones that add warmth and whimsy.

Far from the dull stereotype of blue rinses, today's matriarchs are embracing tasteful options like creamy ginger, golden brown, and cinnamon hues - inspired by tasty gingerbread treats. The rich shades complement gray hair beautifully, enhancing its dimension with multidimensional shades that catch the light. Subtle hints of gingerbread colors help minimize the harsh contrast between sparkling gray and skin tone that can make complexions appear washed out.

The trick is to not totally cover all the gray but rather use gingerbread colors to accentuate and add depth. Starting with a base shade like light brown or beige blonde adds back softness and warmth, perfect for framing the face. Then a spicy cinnamon wash focused on the midlengths and ends offsets grayness while leaving ornate gray near the crown as a feature.

Final accent babylights - like the icing on a gingerbread cookie - complete the look. Focusing buttery caramel and amber tones on top and around the face creates a lit-from-within glow. Strategic placement mimics gray hair's natural tendency to lighten at the frontal hairline and crown. The result is understated yet polished.

While amateur box dyes can leave obvious or brassy results, professional stylists expertly blend gingerbread hues to look totally natural. The subtle multitonal look flatters those with abundant gray growth but isn't high-maintenance. Letting the gray fade back in simply transitions the color from frosty to crumbly - perfect for those wanting softness without a drastic change.

The gingerbread scheme works on all lengths and textures - from bouncy curls to sophisticated pixie cuts. The warm tones flatter both fair and olive complexions, customizing intensity based on skin tone. For special occasions, a sparkling hair glitter spray adds the final festive fairy dusting.

Add Some Holiday Sparkle to Those Tresses - Colorize Your Crazy Christmas 'Dos! - Go Full Gaudy with Glittery Garland Extensions

While subtle touches of tinsel or the occasional sequin can add just the right amount of holiday shimmer, sometimes you need to go full-on gaudy with your Christmas hair. Enter glittery garland extensions, taking your styling from tasteful to totally over-the-top. We"™re talking layers of fake pine needles coated in rainbow sparkles that cascade down your back like a craft store exploded on your head.

Garland extensions allow you to pile on the Christmas camp without damaging your real locks, thanks to clip-in and tape-in options. Sold on Etsy and other retailers, these machine-made hairpieces come pre decorated with red, green, silver, and gold glitter that catches and reflects the light beautifully. Wrap them into an updo, wear them loose and flowing, or opt for just a few strategically placed strands to take your holiday hair to the absolute max.

While a 16 inch glitter garland extension may seem excessive at first glance, it"™s the perfect way to indulge your inner tinsel queen without going overboard on your natural hair. The impact is huge as crystalline rainbow sparkles shimmer and shake with your every move. Yet when the holidays are over, you can simply unclip the garland and store it away without needing to rehab your hair from arts and crafts aftermath.

Beauty vlogger ClearlyCristine on YouTube received the glitter garland extensions as a gift and was initially hesitant about actually wearing something so outrageously festive. But once she wrapped strands into a loose messy bun atop her head, the whimsical winter princess vibe was complete. With the rainbow sparkles offset by her semi-formal black dress, the look treaded the line between stunning and silly.

Meanwhile Instagram user @thegsd_ and his BFF went full-on gaudy, donning massive waist-length glittery garland extensions in complementary red and green hues for their holiday party looks. With layers of shiny fake pine needles dripping down their backs, they looked ready to top the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Yet the corny Styrofoam fronds somehow worked, especially paired with their formalwear.

The over-the-top impact of glittery garland extensions lets you play with extremes. Go glam by juxtaposing them with sleek eveningwear, or lean into the absurdity by sporting glitter garlands over your tackiest Christmas sweaters. They"™re also perfect for Christmas morning Instagram photos, letting everyone know you"™re fully embracing the holiday spirit.

Add Some Holiday Sparkle to Those Tresses - Colorize Your Crazy Christmas 'Dos! - 'Tis the Season for Sequined Snowflake Updos

Nothing conveys the magic of the winter season quite like shimmering snowflakes glistening under the moonlight. This stunning natural phenomenon can be replicated in your holiday hairdo with the help of sequined snowflake hair accessories. Scattering these dazzling hairpins throughout your updo adds icy texture and glamour perfect for everything from chic soirees to ugly sweater contests.

Sequined snowflake hair clips come in a variety of sizes and feature intricate cutout patterning just like natural snowflakes. The delicate shape combined with light-catching sequins makes them ideal for accentuating feminine updo hairstyles. Concentrate the snowflake pins near the crown of your head to create the illusion of flurries swirling around you. For romantic whimsy, adorn braided buns and chignons with a flurry of snowflake accessories. The contrast between their elegant shape and the voluminous updo creates striking visual interest.

While mini snowflake pins work well sprinkled throughout any updo, oversized shoulder-grazing snowflakes truly complete an icy winter princess look. Hairstylist Steph Peda of Luxelounge Salon describes sweeping a client's lengthy waves into a sleek low bun, then topping it with an 8-inch wide snowflake pin that stood out dramatically. The glinting accents shimmered as she moved, with translucent sequin flakes appearing to float over the smooth bun.

Even celebrities are embracing the snowflake hair trend. Singer Ciara sported rhinestone snowflakes scattered across the top of her polished topknot at the 2019 American Music Awards, matching the icy accents on her gown's sheer sleeves. The dreamy, romantic vibe perfectly suited her performance of "Melanin", dedicated to her husband.

You can easily DIY the snowflake look at home too. Blogger Danielle of @GlitzandGiggles suggests using plastic hair combs and hot glue to attach strings of sequins in snowflake shapes. Start with a basic six-sided snowflake template and build outward into more intricate dendrite flakes. Cluster your homemade snowflakes together atop a low messy bun for a glittering icy crown.

While perfectly placed snowflakes offer refinement, embracing utter winter chaos can be fun too! Go over-the-top by coating your entire head in piles of faux snow and shimmering sequins. Think of it like a snow globe exploded on your head - the messier the better. It's the ideal playful look for contests like "Worst Holiday Sweater" parties or absolutely slaying at ugly Christmas sweater events.

Add Some Holiday Sparkle to Those Tresses - Colorize Your Crazy Christmas 'Dos! - Top it Off with a Tree Topper Headpiece

When it comes to over-the-top Christmas hair, nothing conveys sheer holiday spirit quite like donning an actual tree topper headpiece. While a traditional angel or star tree topper may seem kitschy at first glance, this playful DIY accent is having a major moment for styling extreme holiday looks.

Perched atop your head like a shimmering crown, a tree topper headpiece pulls together any Christmas ensemble while transforming you into a living embodiment of festive decor. Options range from classic porcelain angels with delicate wire wings to light-up plastic stars that flash in time to jingly music. For added opulence, deer antler headpieces wrapped in fairy lights evoke the image of a majestic reindeer leading Santa's sleigh.

While specialty retailers offer ready-made tree topper headpieces, it's easy and inexpensive to DIY your own using materials from the craft store. Simply attach a standard treetop ornament like a sequined star to a plastic headband using hot glue or wire. For added height, affix it to a tall rodeo crown base for exaggerated festive impact. Surround your tree topper with additional trimmings like metallic garlands, pompoms, or lace for a textural statement piece.

Hairstylist Gregory Patterson suggests balancing the tree topper accessory with simple, sleek hair underneath for contrast. Pulling your locks into a smooth polished ponytail or bun keeps the sculptural focus on the dramatic headpiece rather than competing textures. The styling possibilities are endless - sweep hair into a twisted rope bun reminiscent of a tree trunk, or cover real or faux braids with glittery tinsel garland for tree-like presence from every angle.

Beauty blogger Sophia Adorne of @sophiaadorne_ cultivated an angelic look by topping her straight blonde hair with a winged porcelain tree topper. The ivory and gold accent referenced classical paintings, contrasting beautifully with her vibrant red gown. Other influencers opt for bright color pairings, like topknot buns with flamingo pink stars or cotton candy updos with ice blue snowflake toppers.

YouTube DIYer Brittany Lynn gets playful by transforming a plastic light-up Christmas tree into an illuminated headpiece. She simply bent and attached the mini tree branches to a headband, embellishing it with red flower hair clips for an avant-garde twist on festive flair. The glowing rainbow lights draw eyes up, making it ideal for holiday parties or yuletide photo sessions.

Drag queens are also embracing the tree topper trend, using elaborate wigs and makeup to become human Christmas spectacles. Brooklyn queen Biblegirl 666 piled her crimson faux-hawk with tree ornaments and topped it with a glittering gold star halo attached to a satellite dish style crown. The hybrid look captured both high fashion whimsy and holiday camp.

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